Bath, Body & Candle

Handcrafted vanity accessories you never knew you needed AND MORE!!!!!

Wake up your skins natural beauty with our majestically lavish crystal infused products, that will take your bathing experience to the next level!!

Maestosa Bellezza focuses on the ancient beauty herbs, botanicals, oils, and other beauty elements.

Indulge in my mini boutique and enjoy!!!!

Handcrafted accessories are made within 3 business days and shipped to perfection in 4!!!

Homemade Scented Soy Candles. 8oz 

Made to order. Made in up to 7 business days for large orders, and 3 business days for small orders.

Beautiful to look at and more amazing to smell. These handcrafted, hand mixed and hand poured candles are the perfect scents for n n Men and Women. Unisex Fragrances.

3 gorgeously scented all natural handmade candles.

Variety fragrance tealight candle gift set. Comes with set of matches, travelers tin, and box of 8 tealights of four scents. Mixed berry, Pine, Citronella, and Fresh scent. On the go? Traveling? Need your aroma candles?? No problem!! Pack this set with you and you are good to go. The metal tin can hold 2 un-lit tealights with the lid closed. Each tealight burns for approximately 6 hours. When a tealight is lit inside, the tin does not get hot. You do not have to worry about glass getting hot, the candle exploding etc. This is the perfect solution to travel with your fragrant candles.

Coconut and goat milk soak, Dead sea salt soak, Body butter balm, and vanilla scented jojoba bath bath pearls. 4 colors 4 scents. 8 oz