Wake up your beauty with majestically lavish crystal and natural gold leaf infused products, that will take your bathing experience to the next level!!


 Maestosa Bellezza focuses on the ancient beauty herbs, botanicals, oils and elegant beauty products.

 People love the idea of using fruits, flowers, herbs etc. To create beautiful self care bathing experiences or gorgeous photography scences, but they hate the mess and the clean up after using the products with these raw materials. Not so easy right? What I have done, is created that same beauty in a simpler way that makes these beauty baths and skincare easier for everyone to use, with out the clean up of the mess beauty baths can leave behind. Every thing in my lavish beauty bath and skin products will make a gorgeous, picture worthy bath, using my unique products that are all water dissolvable. They create the same beauty while having added luxurious ingredients such as(crushed crystal, fruit and herb powders with natural gold leaf infused in some), flower and fruit imitation soaps in the form of jelly!!!! The rose petals and flower scrubs that will pair with my beauty milk baths are made out of soap. My beauty milk bath will be enriched with himalayan pink salt/dead sea salt/epsom salt, dissolvable exfoliating cubes, for a soothing effect and even cleaner skin, dissovable bath oil pearls for softening, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, and also bath melts and jelly soaps for an extra added softness and soothing scent. Natural crushed crystal and pearl powder are used for a super, natural exfoliant!!!! The beauty milks have different scented sets to choose from.